THE THOMAS LINDSEY GROUP specializes in six key areas: Government Relations, Fundraising, Strategic Planning, Political Consulting, Business Development and Networking. It's pretty simple: We open doors. You walk through them.

Government Relations: The principals of the Thomas Lindsey Group are registered lobbyists with the State of Tennessee, and have extensive political contacts in all branches of federal, state and local government. We assist our clients by serving as liaisons to regulatory boards, governmental agencies, elected officials and the legal community and voicing their concerns. When required, we prepare documentation and position papers, and share them with the proper authorities on behalf of our clients, so they can rest assured their concerns are being heard by those who are in a position to listen and act accordingly.

Fundraising: To get anything done, it takes money. From the most worthy charitable cause, to the most vital political campaign, to important community initiatives,our vast experience as fundraisers allows us to tap into our extensive network of contacts to drum up financial support. We have helped raise millions for political, social, educational and charitable causes.

Strategic Planning: The greatest destination is only as good as the road map that gets you there. We specialize in looking at the big picture, and systematically formulating plans and timelines with realistic, attainable goals. We make sure that we manage our clients' expectations, and provide lucid advice on strategies that maximize the potential for successful outcomes.

Political Consulting: Whether you're seeking office, or trying to get an initiative passed, we specialize in all phases of campaign management: platform and policy building, outreach, fundraising, media relations, event coordination.— we do it all.

Business Development: We are connected in the community and can assist your business in generating leads to increase sales. Research on who your audience is and why they should use your company helps us to target the right clients for you.

Networking: Ultimately, we put people together. We know a lot of people, and the people we know all know a lot of people. And so forth. The contact you need is likely just a couple of phone calls away, and we will make those calls and put you together with the personal resources it takes to achieve your goals.